Mormon Times asked for photos and experiences from LDS youths this summer. What we received were those of service or experiences that strengthened their testimonies and friendships.

After donning wide-brimmed hats and placing their belongings in a handcart, the Mountainville Ward youths and leaders of the Mount Pleasant Utah North Stake embarked on a three-day pioneer trek across a newly opened part of the Mormon Trail a few miles from Fort Bridger, Wyo.

Their guide, Ted Kimball, lead them to points of interest such as Brigham's arrow, graves of pioneers and Dibble's hideout.

They camped where Johnson's army camped. They felt the joy of getting a letter from home brought by the Pony Express and also felt heavenly strength while the men watched the women pull the load alone as if all the men had died or had been called to serve in the Mormon Battalion.

Descendants of Isaac Morley, Edmund Durfee, Justus Azel Seely, Martin Luther Ensign and many others in this company shared the trials and experiences of their ancestors. On leader, after trekking the trail, ran the trail for two of his pioneer ancestors.

Rains came every night; strong winds blew the tents; and coyotes howled, but testimonies were strengthened.