Over the years my father and I have had many meaningful conversations where he has shared wisdom and advice based on lessons he had learned. They have all been valuable to me. One lesson that stands out came from both parents. One Sunday night, we, siblings and spouses, were sitting around and enjoying time together while the kids played in the other room. Someone told about how a family friend had just divorced a longtime spouse. That prompted Dad and Mom to share a story us kids had never heard before. Early in my parent’s marriage they had experienced frustration and financially difficultly. One night there was an fierce argument and Dad mentioned the word “divorce.” Just like that the argument was over. The “D” word had a super sobering effect on them and my mother stated emphatically it was not even an option. Eventually, differences were worked out. The message I took away from my parents was this: No matter how hard things get in marriage, and they will get hard at times, divorce is never an option. A real man never leaves his wife and children.