When Leanne Ely and I wrote our book "Body Clutter" we included a chapter that talked about our ultimate procrastination. This summer I think it is time that we stir things up a bit and looked at our personal plumbing problems.

In our FlyShop we have a tool that we call the Clog Cannon. Right now we are out of them. I just realized that we have other clog cannons in our arsenal. When our pipes get clogged up there is no worse feeling. We are miserable, and this is all because we procrastinate about drinking our water, getting a little exercise and eating fresh fruit and vegetables.

Let's look at what happens when we get in a hurry and don't take care of ourselves. Being in a hurry causes accidents. This is what has happened to some people I know well. They hurt their knees and I hurt my ankle. When you don't want to get up and move, you drink less water. For me less water means I don't flush the salt of out my body. This causes my blood pressure to go up since I am retaining water because of the salt. We all hate that bloated tight feeling, then add to that the fact that less water causes that other pipeline to back up.

For people who have urinary tract infections this could be life threatening. I have never had one so I am blessed. If you get them often then you know just how sick this can make you. Drinking your water can be a simple cure for the plumbing problems in our life. Check with your doctor to see what is recommended for you.

Water keeps everything moving and puts a stop to the ultimate procrastination. Once you know how much you should drink then you have to come up with ways to make drinking your water fun. Here are some of the ways that I have come up with to keep me hydrated and not go overboard and try to drink a lot at once. As in all things moderation and consistency is what works best.

My timer is my best friend when it comes to reminding me to drink up! I start my day with a cup in my bathroom as I take my supplements. This is one babystep of my morning routine. After I am dressed, I head to the kitchen to dust, mop my floors and fill up my two water bottles. This is all a game to me. In about four minutes, I am ready to eat breakfast and begin my work.

I keep some rubberbands on one of my water bottles. Every 15 minutes my timer goes off to remind me to take a drink. I am not drinking a whole bottle at once; my goal is one 17 ounce bottle every hour. After a bottle is empty my rule is that I have to refill it. So I always have a bottle of water ready to go. This means I am getting up and moving more. Mid-afternoon, I have an apple. After all an apple a day keeps the doctor away. This adds some fiber and helps to keep those clogs from forming. When I roll my rubberband up, I have a "Go Me" moment to help me celebrate taking care of myself.

My routines gives structure to my day and keep me healthy! If you have issues with clogged plumbing maybe looking at your routines and playing a few games can be your Clog Cannon too.