Patriarchal blessings: Last week I pointed out Paradox's great post on how you can use Microsoft Word to help you study your patriarchal blessing and was excited when she hinted at her next post on "Annotating Patriarchal Blessings (using) Adobe Reader." Click for her step-by-step instructions! Plus, as one commenter said, "I take notes when I listen to speakers, read my scriptures, & meditate. I hadn't thought of carrying it to my patriarchal blessing."

Front facing: "Whatever the issue, I think that authors can be paralyzed with fear as they try to guess what the market will do a few years down the road. It's understandable – we invest so much into a book that we want it to be perfect, we want it to sell, and we speculate as a way to mitigate risk. The problem (with speculating about writing, as well as speculating about almost everything else) is that even if you could accurately identify trends and follow them, you'll still just be following others." So what does Robison Wells advise in this informative post to do instead? "Look to Your Front." Click to find out what that means and why it's important for any aspiring writer.