Learn about the new embeddable "What is a Mormon?" blog button. And how technology can help you study your patriarchal blessing. Plus, ideas to make Young Women activities meaningful and memorable.

Mormon page: "What is a Mormon?" While you likely know the answer to this question, some people visiting your website, Facebook page or blog may not. So LDS.org has put together this new topic site "Mormon: The People, the Church, the Prophet" (with an embeddable button for sharing on your site) to let people know exactly how to define "Mormon." Check it out and consider adding it to your site today!

Patriarchal blessings: "Studying my (patriarchal) blessing has been crucial to understanding it. I've explored how I can use a couple of common computer programs to help me do this, and my goal is to point them out in the event that they can help someone else." So explains blogger Paradox before launching into a detailed description (complete with screenshots) of how to use the comments feature and graph feature of "Microsoft Word 2007 in Annotating Patriarchal Blessings." What a wonderful use of technology to help gain additional personal spiritual insight!

YW activities: "Am I doing it right?" wonders a Young Women president after hearing complaints that their activities were a "waste of time." She asks the beginnings new blog for "suggestions on how to help (the young women) catch the vision of the program and really take on the responsibility for the activities." And the comments, from documenting which activities were successful to trying more flexible schedules and communication (like weekday luncheons), are insightful. If you have ever struggled with balancing how to make activities meaningful and memorable, then click to read more!