Facebook discussion: "I made the decision to un-friend all male friends on Facebook who were not relatives. Don't virtually flog me — I'm not telling anyone what to do." So one blogger admits in this post on "Staying Grounded" when it comes to monitoring cyber communication. The ensuing discussion it has generated is both fascinating and informative with the prevailing thought "to be at tune with the Spirit to make sure I make wise choices. And I am enjoying my time with social media when it makes my life richer and better."

Service project:"You may have heard about the young woman in Provo who was recently attacked, raped, and left for dead outside of the Branbury Apartments. What you don't know is this young woman is in my stake." So begins this beautiful photo-laden post about young adults coming together to render service by clearing undergrowth and brush on the Provo River trail to help prevent any future attack. This blogger's musings in "Or Projects, Parables and Paradox" are incredibly insightful.

Mongolia youth: Travel virtually halfway across the world to witness how 345 youth and 108 leaders came together in the recent "All Mongolia Youth Conference" where they sang, did service projects, worked on goals, listened to messages and more. In fact, these service missionaries say it was "one of the best youth conferences we have ever attended! It was hard to believe that we weren't in the US. When we ate Mongolian food for three days, saw a ger (yurt) that was put up for additional sleeping accommodations, and heard Mongolian spoken all around us, we were reminded that we were in Mongolia, but other than that, we wouldn't have known!"

Girl talk: "Parlez-Vous Girl? asks this poster about a language she calls Girl: "a pidgin mash up of Passive-Aggressive, Politeness, Indirection and outright Lies." It comes into play when women are not able to say "no" even when they really want to. "All of this gets extra tricky when put in a church context where some women feel they cannot say no to service/callings/anything and are desperately coding their speech with 'I really can't take on one more project' flags." Ever come across this, or perhaps, been one to use the language?