Mission call: What exactly comes in the "Mission Call Letter"? For those who have not yet gone (or who never went), this blog post is a fascinating and detailed look at what comprises the Mormon mission-call packet. For instance, did you know that it is not one letter, but three?

Mission letters: "Who do I write? How often do I write? Should I write one a week, a month, or a quarter? How much is too much? What about emailing a missionary? These are just a few of the many questions one young lady asked "Dear Bro Jo" about the ins and outs of  "Writing a Missionary." Check out his answers, including this sage piece of advice: "Write pro-mission, hang in there, how's it going, what is your area like, how are the people letters. Nothing mushy, flirty or along the lines of 'too bad you're there and not here' letters."

Mission Mario: If you haven't seen this popular parody of Super Mario Brothers using missionaries, then take a minute to enjoy. Watch as the "Super Mario Elders" solve the level using missionary skills!