Just like it's hard to turn around without seeing something Christmas-y in stores,

neighborhoods or even your own homes, you do not have to go far to find online posts

full of Christmas cheer. In the past month the smattering of Christmas-theme

posts has turned into a glorious flood of traditions, advents, photos and more.

So imagine if you will, sparkling Christmas lights decorating the Bloggernacle

Back Bench and join me in celebrating the holiday season.

Traditions: Families participate in a multitude of favorite traditions throughout December, and

I have and will continue to highlight good ideas found throughout the blogs. I

just loved reading about this international tradition of making parols (star lanterns) from the Philippines. And the post is complete with

colorful and beautiful photos. Or have you ever viewed "A

Live Nativity"? It's similar to our tradition of enjoying the nativity yearly at

Temple Square.


Each December day

leading up to Christmas, the ladies at Feminist Mormon Housewives post a story as part of Advent. Enjoy this

one, or scroll to find the other stories labeled "Advent." If you have a tradition

of celebrating the season with an advent calendar, you'll likely appreciate these fun



Enjoy these

gorgeous photos of Christmas

still life, including the tree and some delightful decorations. Or perhaps a

little more real to life are these fun photos after "the boys got a hold of the

tree and did their own decorating." Includes a Bionicle,

a Megatron, a poisonous tree frog and more!

And more: This rocking

lighted Christmas house is absolutely amazing! Check out "The Mother of All Home Christmas Light Music Displays: Wizards in Winter." And

end with this funny little Christmas quip that was Overheard in the


Now let's gaze at

other shining posts from this week in the Bloggernacle:Power pick: Why is Mormon history persistently marginalized as "an acceptable field of study"? Using the historiography on Mormons found in a

recent Pulitzer Prize-winning work as his example, this blogger concludes,

"Whether intentionally or unintentionally, it seems to me that this construction allows the larger academic community to continue to dismiss Mormon

history as a field of belief vs. unbelief instead of as a story that speaks to

larger (and important) aspects of the American experience." Check out the rest

of the fascinating discussion and problematic implications.


stories: For one week only

(starting Sunday and ending Saturday, Dec. 20)

you can vote via comment for your favorite Christmas story on LDS Publisher. You can vote for two stories in each of the categories: published and unpublished. And all of the stories are posted anonymously. So sit back and enjoy

some wonderful Christmas tales.


tip: Brighten your

holidays with this beautiful video produced by the BYU College of Fine Arts and

Communications. It's free, it's heart-warming, and it's a lovely

sentiment that proclaims "Joy to Everyone

This Christmas." Pass this message of hope and love along to your family and

friends or leave a comment. Continue to have a joyous Christmas