Monday, Nov.


Proposition 8: I

counted how many posts discussing Proposition 8 on one aggregator. There were more than 20. TWENTY! So as Proposition 8 continues to be the talk of the

Bloggernacle, here are a few interesting insights on the ongoing story. Commenters took some reasonable posts out of bounds, but  "What is not our job" is a good sermon on loving your neighbor. And if you

didn't see this quote

from one of Utah's openly-gay senators, you need to check it out.

President Hinckley:

First, I didn't even know there was a "New Movie: Gordon B. Hinckley A Giant Among Men." And secondly, I loved reading

this well-written and thorough review that includes photos of some of the

actors. So if you're curious about this upcoming movie, click on over!

FHE idea: I love

the simple beauty of this family home evening lesson on "Following the Footsteps of Jesus." So head over if you're looking for an easy

yet clever idea for tonight.