You are a single, Mormon twentysomething.You have a Facebook account that you pretend not to use very much. "I barely even go on it," you tell people. "I should just delete it," you say. In reality, it is an irreplaceable social lifeline. How else would you know what every single one of your acquaintances is doing at any given moment? Those status updates come in handy:Andrew is sick ... bah!Nick has SO MUCH homework to do.Carly misses her family!You have fallen in love, had your heart broken, fallen in love some more, and broken hearts. When you have to break hearts, you try to be as Christlike as possible, but sometimes you're just not sure what Jesus would do in romantic situations. You find this to be one of the New Testament's greatest deficiencies.Michelle is confused :(You probably would have voted for Mitt Romney, and you definitely voted for David Archuletta. If not, you at least know who both of them are. Maybe you like The Killers, maybe you don't. But you know that the lead singer is a Mormon, and you probably know that his son's name is Ammon. If you didn't know that before, it is the coolest thing you have learned today. Famous Mormons fascinate you. Maybe they make you feel more normal.Tara is THIS CRUSH AIN'T GOIN' AWAY!!!!You listen to Coldplay. You love Coldplay. Especially Viva la Vida. "My missionaries in a foreign field." Sweet!Politically, you are either a liberal fighting to be accepted or a conservative fighting to be seen as a free thinker. It's possible that you are politically apathetic, but even if you are, you still love Mitt Romney and Proposition 8.Garrett is voting YES to PROP 8.You don't remember a time when blacks couldn't receive the priesthood, and that part of church history might make you squirm a little. Generally, you are more tolerant than your parents were, and less tolerant than your kids will be. If you encounter a door-knocking Jehovah's Witness who demonstrates courtesy and tact, you will return the sentiment and maybe even like him.Whether you spend your Friday nights speed dating or watching "Lost" DVDs alone in your apartment, you ultimately yearn for eternal companionship — as long as that companion doesn't listen to country, or part his hair, or talk about genealogy, like, all the time. Some may call you picky. You are still searching for a more pleasant adjective.Jackie is so sick of guys.You are more aware of your own faults, flaws and weaknesses than perhaps anyone else in the world. You blog about them incessantly. You talk to your roommates about them so that they, in turn, can talk about their own shortcomings. You and everyone you know would probably enjoy therapy quite a bit. But let's be honest — you wouldn't be caught dead in therapy.You are a singer, an intellectual, a Sunday school teacher, a law student, a fluent Spanish speaker, a soccer player. You are a single, Mormon twentysomething.And so am I.