The sixth-annual Book of Mormon Archaeological Conference takes place Saturday and is presented by the Book of Mormon Archaeological Forum, a non-profit organization that looks at research and evidences for the Book of Mormon in a Mesoamerican context. "(People who come to the conference) will have a much better understanding of the Book of Mormon and its Mesoamerican context — both from an archaeological standpoint as well as a cultural literary standpoint," said Robert Starling, a member of the Book of Mormon Archaeological Forum board. Donald W. Parry, professor of Hebrew Bible studies at Brigham Young University, will be the featured speaker of the conference. His presentation is called "Isaiah's Poetic Parallelisms in the Book of Mormon." Mike and Darcy Kennedy will speak at the luncheon on "The Times of the Prophet Joseph Smith."  Mike Kennedy is the first descendant of Joseph Smith to join the LDS Church and hold the Melchizedek Priesthood. An evening meal will feature the presentation of the "Father Lehi" Award to Elder Ted E. Brewerton, an emeritus member of the Quorums of the Seventy, and the "Mother Sariah" Award will be presented to his wife, Dorothy H. Brewerton.  Other presenters include Stephen L. Carr, "A Summary of Several Theories of Book of Mormon Lands in Mesoamerica"; F. Richard Hauck, "Opening the Curtain: Recent Developments in Book of Mormon Research"; Diane Wirth, "Genealogy in Mesoamerica and in the Book of Mormon"; V. Garth Norman, "The Cubit Connection"; and David F. Lee, "A Context for Bearded Populations in Mesoamerica." A silent auction will feature Mesoamerican crafts, fine art, books and videos. Online registration for the conference closes Thursday evening.