"Eddie Fantastic" has been upgraded for 2008.The novel, written by LDS author Chris Heimerdinger, was re-released last month with updated text that reflects technological and scientific progress that has taken place since the book's original publication in 1992.The main character is Eddie Fanta, a teenager struggling through a difficult time in his life. While in the midst of questioning his faith and purpose on earth, he meets a reclusive man named Louis Kosserinkoff, who introduces Eddie to inventions that give him incredible power. As he uses these inventions, Eddie learns about perspective, faith and happiness.A review of the original published in the Deseret News called "Eddie Fantastic" a "fast-paced novel" with "entertainment and more than a little enlightenment."Dusting his novel with a science-fiction flavor, Heimerdinger has created a realistic situation that encourages some deep thinking," the review reads.The purpose of the updated version is to make "Eddie Fantastic" more relevant and accessible to the modern generation.Heimerdinger's works include "Tennis Shoes Among the Nephites" (1989) and the nine volumes that followed it, making up the "Tennis Shoes Adventure Series." He also wrote and directed the film "Passage to Zarahemla."Recently, Heimerdinger made the top 10 list of favorite LDS authors as voted on by Mormon Times readers."Eddie Fantastic" (August 2008) is published by Covenant Communications.