A coming-of-age film produced by a Utah-based company will appeal to anyone who is familiar with the Boy Scouts of America, says its writer, director and producer, Garrett Batty.

Titled "Scout Camp," the film stars "High School Musical" actor Shawn Carter and LDS-film actor Kirby Heyborne. It finished production in August and will be begin the film festival circuit early 2009.

Batty, who started Three Coin Productions in 1993, said he's been "very involved (in) and very supportive" of the LDS film genre and wanted to make his own contribution. Because the movie is not overtly LDS, he expects Scouts of all faiths will relate to "Scout Camp."

"I don't feel like it isolates us in anyway, which is accurate to the Boy Scouts. It was important for us to portray the Boy Scouts as accurately as possible."

He began writing the screenplay about two years ago, based on some of his experiences attending Scout camps as an adolescent.

The film is set at Camp Rakhuta, where Carter and his troop discover that the camp's legendary "spirit stick" has gone missing. Carter (York) takes the lead in the efforts to restore the prized stick, and Heyborne (Scoutmaster Kerry) lends his support.

Heyborne said of the character: "He was like my Scoutmaster growing up, laid back and fun to be around. He made all the boys feel important and was the first to jump into the fun. I really enjoyed channeling my old Scoutmaster."

The film is targeted to appeal to teenage boys, but that doesn't mean adults won't find it amusing, Batty said. Parents will enjoy it because they'll see their sons in some of the characters.

"We have some strong comedy in there for the singles crowd that is familiar with the genre," he said.  

The majority of the movie was filmed in Payson Canyon and had a relatively low budget.

Batty said he plans on having early screening at the LDS Film Festival in January.

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