Enjoy Olympics fun and games with

an inspirational tone on the Bloggernacle Back Bench. Check out these

medal-worthy entries:Inspirational Moments!Believe in

yourself. Set high goals. Learn

"Two lessons from Michael Phelps" and  

"Michael Phelps: setting and achieving goals." Be sure to check out the awesome

sand sculpture by this author. Honoring some of the great Olympic

moment thus far at the Bejing Games including the achievements of "Michael Phelps."Fun & Games!I laughed at the running

love/hate commentary on this blog including "LOVE: The spirit of the games…

HATE: Did I mention how annoying I find the commentators?" Read why "It's all La Yen's

fault." Watch video of Michael Phelps in this "Olympic WOW!" Do you know what type of music Michael Phelps listened

to as he prepped to race? Find out at

"Michael Phelps Getting Bad Rap."Olympics-holic? Then you'll appreciate

this admission: "Hi, my name is Dan and I'm addicted to the Olympics (Hi Dan!)." Includes

pictures and candid commentary on fun-sounding Chinese names. Think that

running an Olympic

Marathon would be tiring? Try watching one  Complain and then rejoice

about the "Olympic Coverage." Just peruse these Olympics Musings from an LDS

Writing Mom on artistry, customs, and more! And finally, read the

running comments on the problem of "Getting an eyeful at the Olympics."And if you missed my highlighting

these Mormon athletes' blogs, click over to read more about their Olympic

experiences:Jake Gibb, BEACH

VOLLEYBALL Melanie Roach,



Anderson, TRACK AND FIELDHayley Palmer, SWIMMINGApril

Steiner Bennett, TRACK AND FIELDTairia Flowers,

SOFTBALL    And now for some of the other winning posts from the

Bloggernacle:Power Pick — "This is not you. You are not bad and you

do love your child, despite what your brain is telling you." These words and the

other quotes littered throughout this beautiful post are so needed by those who

suffer from "Postpartum Depression or I still have a hard time talking about it."  Read this

marvelous post that explores the postpartum depression stereotype.

Wow!New Blog — Prepare to engage in some Mormon

Thinking. Beginning just on July 25, this new blog is authored by a Peace Corps

volunteer currently stationed in a large city in Romania. And guess how many

members of the church live in the 200,000+ population. Two. The author and his

wife. "We travel about an hour each way on Sundays to get to our small branch,

located in the nearest big city. With that context, there are many reasons why I

was driven to begin this type of blog. First, it is a way to keep connected to

family and friends. Also, my life in the Church here is very small scale (our

branch usually has about 10-15 members present at sacrament meeting, including

four full time missionaries).  Perhaps it helps me compensate for the lack

religious culture that I am accustomed to in my life."Mormon Thinking

"is designed to be neutral, where active members, non-members, or former members

can participate without feeling like they don't belong… Those who have commented

have shown tremendous insight, respect, and curiosity in the topics discussed."

Some favorite posts include

"Ebony and Ivory" where "we talk about the danger of extreme thinking.  It

incorporates philosophy from Star Wars, and even has a picture of me in a

lightsaber battle with my brother-in-law, who is a frequent participant on the

blog. I like the title from this week's blog the best — "How to Lose Friends and Irritate People." I was in a really boring meeting when

the title came to me, and nearly laughed out loud."  "Mormon thinking is

really not all that different from any other type of thinking. We have

developed a lot of our own fancy words to explain things, but I think it is

important to see how practical the Gospel is and how it can be made applicable

to anybody, even if they have never had anything to do with Mormonism.  I love

to get posts that say 'I am not Mormon, but this reminds me of my own

culture...' or something to that effect… It's a way to share who we are, while at

the same time continually progressing through the wisdom shared by others."

Awesome! Give Mormon Thinking a try!Techie Tip— Start a game of "Testimony Tag." You start by creating a blog post about a gospel idea. Next,

you link to a faith-promoting Web site. Finally, you invite (this is called

tagging) your friends to do the same. You share, encourage, others share, others

encourage, and the game gets bigger and bigger with awesome results. Enjoy!