SPRINGFIELD, Ill. — A long-awaited book on the infamous Mountain Meadows Massacre has received the Best Book Award from the Mormon History Association at its 44th annual conference convening here this week.Ronald W. Walker, Richard E. Turley and Glen M. Leonard received the honor at the association's awards banquet on (Friday) May 22, for their book "Massacre at Mountain Meadows," published last year by Oxford University Press. The book has been heralded as the most thorough treatment to date of the 1857 event in which a wagon train of Arkansas emigrants traveling through southern Utah en route to California were killed by Mormon militia men agitated by the approach of a U.S. Army force to put down a supposed rebellion in the territory.Receiving the Steven F. Christensen Best Documentary Award was "The Joseph Smith Papers: Journals, Volume 1 1832-1839," published last year by The Church Historians Press. This first installment of a planned 18-volume set was compiled by Dean C. Jessee, Mark Ashurst-McGee and Richard L. Jensen of the Church History Department.Other award given by the association:Smith-Petit Best First Book: "At Sword's Point: A Documentary History of the Utah War to 1858," (University of Oklahoma Press) by William P. MacKinnon.Ella Larsen Turner — Ella Ruth Turner Begera Best Biography Award: "Mormonism's Last Colonizer: The Live and Times of William H. Smart" (Utah State University Press) by William B. Smart; and Leonard J. Arrington: A Historian's Life (The Arthur H. Clark Co.) by Gary Topping.Leonard J. Arrington Award for distinguished and meritorious service to Mormon History: Edward Leo Lyman, distinguished scholar of Western transportation and community history, specializing in Mormon politics and migrations.Best Article Award: "An 'American Mahomet': Joseph Smith, Muhamed, and the Problem of Prophets in Antebellum America" by Spencer J. Fluhman (Journal of Mormon History).Honorable mentions for published articles: Samuel Brown for "The Translator and the Ghostwriter: Joseph Smith and W. W. Phelps" (Journal of Mormon History) and Matthew Bowman for "The Crisis of Mormon Christology: History, Progress and Protestantism" (Fides Et Historia, Journal of the Conference on Faith and History).Best Dissertation Award: Zion Rising: Joseph Smith's Early Social and Political Thought (Arizona State University) by Mark Ashurst-McGee.

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