Brandon Osmond has run out of excuses.Although he was blessed with talent as the third son of a famous musician, Osmond kept finding reasons not to devote time to music. Initially, the huge success of his father, Donny Osmond, turned him away from that path. He'd seen behind the scenes and realized how up-and-down the music business is. Attending college, serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and a recent marriage also prevented any musical pursuits."A lot of things came that were more important and I just keep putting it off," Osmond said.But with the encouragement of his wife and other family members, Osmond decided to compete in "Showcase," a free online music and video contest sponsored by Mormon Times. He was recently voted as a semifinalist.Osmond composed the two songs he posted on the Web site, both of which concern the things he holds most dear. He wrote the first song, "Thine Own Son," before serving his two-year mission in Scotland."I wanted to write a song about the gospel, basically," Osmond said.He wrote the second, "Bring Me Home," about his wife. They were dating at the time and Osmond wanted to do something special for both Valentine's Day and her birthday."I guess it was daring, a little forward, but it worked and now we're married," he said.The top vote-getters in the "Showcase" concert will be featured at a live concert in March. Osmond is excited but a little anxious. He's always been nervous about how his music is received by others.However, he has started writing other songs with the intention of making an album sometime soon."I can't promise anything, but that'd be awesome if it was in a year," Osmond said.Osmond said he grew up in a pretty standard household. He knew his father was famous, but he never knew anything different."If you were to come and be at our home, you would just say, 'Oh this is just normal,' " Osmond said.Despite his recent success and his family affiliation, Osmond said he does not plan to pursue a music career. He is majoring in photography — a subject he says he loves — at Brigham Young University, and is looking into doing some freelance work.In "Showcase," musicians who have the top six videos at the end of final voting will be featured at a live concert on March 19 at 7:30 p.m. at the Covey Center for the Arts in Provo. The top vote-getter, who will win a $5,000 first prize, will be announced at the concert. Second prize will be $2,000 and third prize will be $1,000.