At the end of 2008, Alex Boye felt prompted to record a hymns album. He kept ignoring the idea, but his conscience wouldn't let it go. Finally he decided to start recording and a few months later, had completed eight songs. He felt the album needed three more songs, but was stuck and didn't know which songs to add.

"Everything changed after one phone call," Boye said. "Last year, I received a call from President Ballard to accompany him on a speaking assignment. He asked specifically that I would sing 'There Is a Green Hill Far Away,' 'I Need Thee Every Hour' and 'I Walked Today Where Jesus Walked.' It was a privilege and a great honor to sing those songs. The next day, I rushed to the studio and recorded those three songs as a memento and memory of the great significance of what I had been a part of, and just realized I had completed the album! Once it was completed, I remember saying to myself, 'Now what?'"

It wasn't long before the answer came. After returning from a sold-out Midwest tour with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Boye received a phone call from Bob Ahlander, the general manager at Deseret Book. Ahlander asked him if he'd be interested in recording a hymns album.

"I was floored. 'That's funny you should say that Bob, because I just finished doing one,'" said Boye.

Boye's album, "Be Still, My Soul: Classic Hymns and Folk Songs" has been on the top 10 bestsellers list at Deseret Book for four weeks.

He is using his God-given gifts to bless the lives of many. Boye is raising money to buy a house for a local refugee family with sales of his single, "Crazy for You." He is also working on a book for the youth that focuses on how music affects our thoughts, personality and character, called "Prophets and Popstars."

On top of all of that, Boye is a new dad to a one-month old daughter, just received distribution in Japan and Europe for a new "Original Songs Motown Style Project" to be released this spring, and was recently invited by President Monson to sing at his Christmas party.

Boye is changing the world for the better and inspiring others to believe in themselves. At a recent concert, Boye featured a special segment where he focused on being the change you wish to see in the world.

"I think that those who make the greatest change in this world are those who believe in themselves first, then the miracles follow," said Boye.

"...We as human beings tend to spend a lot of our time with negative self-talk and not believing in ourselves, which in turn gives power to the adversary. The Lord says in Hebrews 11:6 that 'without faith, it is impossible to please God.' I believe the way we please God is to have ultimate confidence in our abilities to accomplish GREAT things," Boye continued. "Once we are in this frame of mind, then the Lord steps in and makes up for what we lack and brings about amazing things in our individual lives. It has taken me a while to apply this, but now that I have, I am seeing incredible things happen in my life with my music and other areas of my life!"

Boye's motto is, "Just believe, then let the Lord do the work! He promised he would!"

Boye believes in himself and in others. That confidence shines through everything he does.


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