Wednesday, October 28Panoramic photos:

Take a visit to Temple Square today without leaving your computer. All

you have to do is click into 3dUtah, which portrays "Temple Square in Salt Lake City" in glorious panoramic splendor. You

can zoom left, right, up or down and visit the tabernacle, the assembly

hall, the grounds of Temple Square, and the Christus statue in the

Visitors Center. Hat-tip to LDS Media Talk, who found these "really

great" panoramic photos.

Conference calls:

Have an amazing, scholarly idea for a paper? Then check out these two venues in which to present your research. "The European Mormon Studies Association Annual Conference 2010, Call for Papers"


articles that tackle "European Mormonism and its Experience in Media

and the Public Sphere." If you'll be in Holland this July, consider

applying. Or, in April at Claremont Graduate University in California,

you could present on "What is Mormon Studies?" Click in for details about both conferences and paper deadlines.

Halloween celebration:

Donut bobbing, mummy wrap, fear factor room and pumpkin decorating.

Need some ideas for an upcoming Halloween activity? Then check out the

fun ones outlined in this

"Halloween Celebration Night." Creative!