A few months ago, I wrote "Explaining Mormon beliefs, YouTube style" and determined that since

there were so many amazing Mormon YouTube channels, I'd do a part two.Today I highlight YouTube videos that explore Mormon beliefs. Later, I plan on a third part on expounding Mormon beliefs, YouTube

style. If you know of any great YouTube Mormon-themed

channels, send them my way.


In preparation for this weekend's FAIR Conference, you should first check out their YouTube Channel: fairldsorg,

which includes many (200) past FAIR Conference talks. And with 478

total videos, this is definitely one of the largest (if not the

largest) Mormon-affiliated YouTube channel to date.

Learn about Mesoamerican settings to the Book

of Mormon, explore Joseph Smith's theological ideas, view discussions

on temple similarities and much, much more.

Seth Adam Smith:


highlighted various videos from this blogger's vast video collection,

however I've yet to highlight them all. So in one fell swoop, I present

the YouTube channel of SethAdamSmith.

His videos range from funny (check out the Seth's Slant series) to

political (he's an unabashed Conservative Libertarian) to incredibly

touching (I'm really enjoying his recent temple series where he

highlights one temple from many angles, put to gorgeous music).

Book Mormon:


the mood to study the Book of Mormon via video? You need to

check out this YouTube channel by bookmormon called Evidences

for the Book of Mormon.  It includes "thoughtful insights from 32 top

scholars continue the journey into the Book of Mormon's thousand-year

span, aiding understanding of this sacred text....Stunningly beautiful

images filmed on location in Guatemala and Mexico combined with the art

of Joseph Brickey illuminate the rich culture of the Book of Mormon."

All About Mormons:

The AllAboutMormons

YouTube channel has 51 videos, touching on various parts about

Mormonism. You can find Gospel Principles lessons laid out succinctly or

watch Hmong LDS members singing "Away in a Manger."


keep finding great Mormon YouTube channels and expect as more people

become familiar with the process of uploading content I'll uncover more and more!

Now let's see what else we can view from this past week in the Bloggernacle:

Power pick: I, for one, am very

excited about the forthcoming Mormon Review site (slated for September 1) and was delighted to see this introduction by Richard Bushman:  "Out of the Best Books: Introducing the Mormon Review." He explains its purpose of the Mormon Review as "an

online journal of cultural criticism, in the spirit of seeking wisdom

out of the best books. We ask: How do we seek wisdom out of books

today? Where do we find the virtuous and praiseworthy? What are we

called to criticize? The Mormon Review offers a public forum where

Mormons can teach one another by exercising their critical powers on

significant works." Bushman invites anyone interested to submit essays

and that "the editorial board will judge essays on their relevance to

Mormon culture, clarity of expression, and general interest."

Random reboot: If you're looking for the site, From

the Dust, you will instead be routed to the new site: Mormon

World. But don't worry, it's just a reboot of a great site, now with a new name and new content. "We

will be focusing on the Mormon Church in Africa, the Middle East and

Asia. Further we'll cover Mormon Politics, Mormon Temples, LDS Beliefs

and a hodgepodge of other Mormon stuff," Dustin Heap said. "There is also a Mormon Video

Gallery and an easy way for readers to submit content to help make

Mormon World the best resource for the Mormon Church in Africa, the

Middle East and Asia." Since this column is focused on video content, I went straight to the Mormon Videos tab and found two nice videos already

uploaded. Then I got sidetracked onto the new post highlighting an "Iranian Mormon Convert: Maryam" who tells the fascinating story of her

conversion. I'll be stopping by often, since I think there can

never be enough content coming from a more globalized perspective.

Techie tip:

Unable to attend the FAIR Conference beginning in just two days? Have no fear, live streaming video of the conference is here! For

$20 (which is the cost associated with the service) you can purchase

access to the entire August 6-7 conference and watch it live! Or, if

you want to wait, likely they will put up videos from the conference at

the YouTube channel highlighted above at a future date. To learn more,

click on the 2009

FAIR Conference and scroll down the section on "Streaming Video."

Be sure to follow their directions carefully to avoid delays or problems when you want to actually view the conference presentations, and then sit back to enjoy the FAIR Conference

proceedings from the comfort of your own computer.