The Mormon Media Observer is taking stock of resources on the Web that help tell the story of Latter-day Saints and interactions with others through statistics.When the Mormon Media Observer recently reported that the LDS Church was the fourth largest denomination in the United States, some readers questioned the number. The source is the National Council of Churches 2009 Yearbook and Elder M. Russell Ballard's October 2007 Conference address:The Top five U.S. denominations by adherents are as follows:1. The Roman Catholic Church, 67,117,06 members, down 0.59 percent.2. The Southern Baptist Convention, 16,266,920 members, down 0.24 percent.3. The United Methodist Church, 7,931,733 members, down 0.80 percent.4. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 5,873,408 members, up 1.63 percent.5. The Church of God in Christ, 5,499,875 members, no change reported.A religious demographic map published by the Glenmary Research Center, a Catholic group, reports the following numbers from 2000:Latter-day Saints are a majority in 81 counties in the United States, nearly exclusively all in the West. That's compared to 1,259 counties where Catholics are a majority. Southern Baptists are a majority in 1,222 counties. It's also interesting to view religious adherence of any type in the U.S. See map here.A great summary of official church statistics is at the LDS Church's Newsroom site  which includes the fact that the church membership is about 13.5 million, but debunks the statement that the church is the fastest-growing faith in the United States.That Web site reports: "According to the National Council of Churches, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the second-fastest-growing church in the United States. However, despite its increasing numbers, the Church cautions against overemphasis on growth statistics. The Church makes no statistical comparisons with other churches and makes no claim to be the fastest-growing Christian denomination despite frequent news media comments to that effect."Other facts of interest include the fact that church materials are available in 166 languages, there are 28,109 congregations throughout the world, there are 52,494 missionaries, there are 2,818 stakes and 128 temples in operation. One of my favorite YouTube videos is one illustrating the growth of the church.The Association of Religion Data Archives also tracks the membership of many denominations. Here's the association's summary of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.In a recent survey about a variety of facets of faith, the Barna Research Group, which has a decidely pro-Christian slant, interviewed self-described Christians in a national survey:"Survey respondents were asked whether they believed that Mormons are Christians. Mormons themselves claim to be Christian, but most evangelical leaders say that they are not. There was no clear-cut perspective among the self-described Christians: four out of ten felt Mormons were Christian (18% strongly agreed, 21% somewhat agreed), three out of ten disagreed (17% strongly, 12% somewhat), and three out of ten were not sure what to think."The poll also reported: "There is no similar clarity among self-defined Christians regarding how the Bible compares to other holy books. When faced with the statement that "the Bible, the Koran and the Book of Mormon are all different expressions of the same spiritual truths," the group was evenly split between those who accepted the idea (19% agreed strongly, 22% agreed somewhat) and those who rejected it (28% disagreed strongly, 12% disagreed somewhat), while leaving a sizable portion (20%) undecided."Here's another recent interesting statistic. Temple Square ranks as 16th as top travel destinations in the United States., according to Forbes Traveler. Here are the top sites and annual visitor counts.1. Times Square, 37.6 million2. Las Vegas Strip, Nevada, 30 million3. National Mall and Memorial Parks, Washington, 25 million4. Faneuil Hall Marketplace, Boston, 20 million5. Disney World's Magic Kingdom, Lake Buena Vista, Fla., 17.1 million6. Disneyland Park, Anaheim, Calif., 14.9 million7. Fisherman's wharf, Golden Gate National Park, San Francisco, 14.1 million8. Niagara Falls, N.Y. 12 million9. Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tenn., N.C., 9.04 million10. Navy Pier, Chicago, 8.6 million11. Lake Mead National Recreation Area, Ariz.-Nev., 7.6 million12. Universal Studios — Islands of Adventure, Orlando, 6.2 million13. Sea World Florida, Orlando, 5.8 million14. Delaware Water Gap National, Penn. N.J., 5.1315. San Antonio Riverwalk, Texas, 5.1 million16.Temple Square, Salt Lake City, 5 million