This week I've found

strength and inspiration in April Meservy's debut album, "Somewhere Between

Sunsets." I've had it on repeat since I got it. I listen to it while I'm

getting ready in the morning, in the car and before I go to sleep.

You've heard Meservy's voice

on several EFY albums, and now you get the chance to listen to 12 of her

original songs. Meservy's album takes us on a journey through love, change and


"So much can happen ... from one

sunset to the next," Meservy said.

Sharing stories from her own

life and others' experiences, Meservy's honesty is evident in every song. She

had a clear vision for this album, "to give these stories a chance to speak."

__IMAGE1__"I wanted to create a

national-sounding album on the budget of an indie record with the goal in mind

of making and recording music of the same quality you'd expect to hear coming

from a major record label. My associate producer, Brent Jenkins, worked just as

hard alongside me to ensure that we stayed true to the vision intended for this

album," Meservy said.

One of my favorite songs on

the album is "Marks of My Path (Mountain)." This song recently

received an award from the Interfaith Power and Light Earth Song Competition.

Meservy shared the story behind this song.

"Nature helps me center. I

see images in nature that represent life to me and whisper of things I need to

learn. ... When I am out in nature I feel like I get a better sense for who I can

become. It's like God can speak so clearly and I can feel his love for me more


"For instance, one line in

the song says, 'I want to be ... deep like the river that carries me forward, that

taught me to swim and to breathe.' That line came from an experience I had when

I was 8 where I thought I was going to drown. It was on a family rafting

trip down the Truckee River, and if you know the Truckee you know that the

rapids can be pretty intense at times — especially on a little yellow raft. We

capsized, and I remember as I was pulled under the water over and over, I kept

thinking how essential it was that I keep my head above water — and breathe.

And that I needed to swim as hard as I could to the surface every time I would

go under again," she said.

Meservy understands that

meaningful music can influence lives in a very real way.

"Music has a much more

powerful influence to heal and reach people's hearts than I think we sometimes

give it credit for," the Mormon musician continued. "It is my hope that the music I write

will encourage an environment for people to feel, to think or just to smile."

For Meservy, success lives

in those moments where others feel better or smile after listening to her


"Success is ... a three-minute

conversation after a show with a stranger who lets me know that one of my songs

was exactly what she needed right then. Getting an e-mail from a friend in

Russia who says my music made him laugh, reminisce, think and unwind. ... Most

importantly, however, it's knowing that I am trying to listen to what my heart,

God and life are trying to teach me. To be where it is I'm needed and doing

what it is I'm here to do — that applies on a musical level and in everything

else," she said.

I can honestly say this is

one of the best albums I own. It's not a CD where you skip through half the

songs to get to your two or three favorites. It's a journey that invites the

listener to feel and think. It's someone putting their heart out on their

sleeve, inviting you to take it and relate.

"At times it has been kind

of scary to put so much of my heart and experience out there, but it has meant

a lot for me to hear that people are connecting with it," Meservy shared. "I'm

thankful God has given me songs to sing, air to breathe and unfailing support

throughout the journey."

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