Deseret Book says The Mormon Tabernacle Choir's new album, "Heavensong: Music of

Contemplation and Light," reached No. 1 on Billboard's Classical

Crossover chart this week. The album is unique for the choir and includes a choral arrangement of the hit song, "The Prayer," by

Grammy Award winner David Foster.

"Heavensong was a special CD for all of us in the Choir and Orchestra,"

Choir Director Mack Wilberg said. "We particularly enjoyed working with

our friend, David Foster who collaborated with us on 'The Prayer.' All

of the music was designed to take listeners on a journey away from

everyday cares. We're very pleased to see the music's popularity with

the public and hope that many more people will have the chance to enjoy

this music."

Foster lent a hand on the piano to accompany Wilberg's new choral

arrangement of "The Prayer.“ which won a Golden

Globe for Best Original Song from the film "Quest for Camelot," penned by

Foster and Carol Bayer Sager.

"It's always been a goal of mine to work with the Mormon Tabernacle

Choir. They are truly one of the greatest choirs in the world," Foster

said in a Deseret Book press release.

The album also includes a solo violin performance

("Mediation" from Thäis) by Igor Gruppman, conductor of the Orchestra

at Temple Square and concertmaster of the Rotterdam Symphony.

"Heavensong is such a great album and seeing it hit number one on

Billboard shows that it is connecting with people," said Bob Ahlander,

managing director for the music division at Deseret Book, which handles

the marketing and distribution of all choir products. "We cannot speak

highly enough of Mack Wilberg and the choir, who continually outdo

themselves time and time again."