Wednesday, Jan. 6

Land Bountiful: "Non-LDS Observer Reports on His Visit to a Candidate for Nephi's Bountiful" explains Jeff Lindsay in looking at the article  "Kharfot Searching For Mormons." This article, by Oman Today author Pinaki Chakravarty, looks at Kharfot as a possible candidate for the Land Bountiful found in Nephi's record. Cool. What do you think?

Congo mission: LDS Church Growth is reporting that the "Democratic Republic of Congo Kinshasa Mission to Split this Summer." Matt explains "In addition to the tremendous demands on the mission president administering to other nations like the Republic of Congo, Burundi, Cameroon, Central African Republic, and Equatorial Guinea, the mission has also been unable to serve all the needs of the DR Congo itself. Some districts in the interior have had attendance at district conference in the thousands." Wow. And this split might help open missionary work in both the "Central African Republic (which has one branch) and Equatorial Guinea." Cool.

Forgotten stories: Do you know the story of when Abram rescued Lot? Or what happened after Noah's Ark? Did you know Adam was baptized? If you want to expand your knowledge of the Old Testament, then check out this cool series by Chas Hathaway called "Forgotten Stories of the Old Testament." These could also make for some fascinating scripture study nights with your family.