Forget that most famous first-page diary entry on Jan. 1 where you try to sum up the entire previous year. Instead, listen as noted EFY and Education Week speaker Randal Wright teaches you "The 3 Word Journal" technique, and get started accessing your own mind and your own experiences in a simple, yet profoundly meaningful way.

You'll be surprised what memories and events just a few words can trigger and how easy it is to "3 Word" them for later expansion. You'll soon have a catalog of instantly accessible life experiences that point the way to what the Lord has prepared you for in this life and be able to leave a legacy of personal learning to bless your family for generations.

(I'm not kidding when I say this is one of the most fascinating and useful interviews I've conducted, and I really wish I could make everyone sit down and listen for 20 minutes, then share it with a friend.)