Mormon Message: Why is it important to always “Watch Your Step” when it comes to protecting yourself and your family from pornography? This new Mormon Messages video powerfully illustrates the answer. Click in to watch and hear the warnings and counsel from Elder Jeffrey R. Holland.

Honolulu Magazine: “Today they’re are on a home visit, teaching a new convert. ... Later, they’ll do a service project in a hardscrabble part of town, gently asking their hosts to switch from rap to religious music as they paint.” This is just a bit from a feature in Honolulu Magazine about a Mormon missionary companionship that is part of a “Faces of Faith” feature. Click to see how these representatives are represented.

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Foyer friendships: “Often I was prompted to make a phone call or to pay a visit to a home and ask them to come in for a visit. Sometimes I felt inspired to share the insight I received and sometimes the Spirit restrained me. The majority of people I shared these revelations with received these spiritual messages eagerly, often with tears. I knew where those promptings came from and so did they, and we enjoyed sweet communion together in the presence of the Lord and His Spirit. I think this is thing I miss the most.” Oh, you must check out this sweet post by a former bishop about how he still wonders about the lives of his flock but now must be satisfied with “foyer friendships and handshakes in the hall.” Lovely.

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