LAYTON — One of two Boy Scouts injured in a rock slide Thursday evening has been released from the hospital.

The two 13-year-old boys were with a larger group hiking the Adams Canyon Trail east of Layton Thursday night when a large boulder fell on them.

Other boys who had hiked ahead accidentally knocked several rocks loose, according to law enforcers.

Because of mud, slippery trails and rainy conditions, Davis County sheriff's search and rescue crews said it was a difficult rescue operation and the boys weren't taken off the mountain until about midnight.

Friday, the sheriff's office reported one of the boys was released from a local hospital with numerous bruises and cuts, some that required stitches.

There was concern about bruising on the boy's spine and head, investigators said.

The other boy was transported early Friday from a Davis County hospital to Primary Children's Medical Center with a fractured left elbow and other cuts and bruises that required stitches.

— Pat Reavy