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Ravell Call, Deseret News
Priscilla Todd of Centerville found two immature robins yesterday that are joined at the wing. Thursday, July 7, 2011.

CENTERVILLE — Sometimes birds of a feather have no other choice than to flock together.

That's the case with a pair of conjoined robins discovered Wednesday in Davis County.

Fortunately for them, the unusual pair found their way to Priscilla Todd, an experienced rescuer who has worked with birds for several years.

"It appears that they are connected at the wings," Todd said, adding that it's the first time she's seen conjoined birds.

Todd’s son spotted the birds Wednesday evening, flapping around on the ground. When the stronger bigger bird tries to fly, it drags along the other one, risking injury to both.

The birds, Todd says, will not be able to live that way for long.

"They can't forage for themselves. They can't get into a tree for safety. They can't go out and dig for worms," she said. "They can do nothing that they need to do to survive like this. And they are easy, easy prey."

But Todd isn't giving up on the rare robins. She's prepared to feed and protect them, at least for the short term. Because it doesn’t appear the birds share any vital organs, Todd said she believes there could be a successful separation.  

"It's worth a try," she said. "Maybe there's a vet out there somewhere who says, 'You know what? I may be able to separate those birds and give 'em a shot at life.' That's my hope."