Patriotic spirit: Driving to the Washington D.C. Temple, this LDS author and blogger noticed a small crowd gathered around a fire station. Wondering what was happening, she Googled it to find that they were dedicated a "9/11 Memorial" that consists of two twisted pieces of metal from Ground Zero that are artfully arranged with a plaque. So on this July Fourth, take a moment to learn about this small town's monument that truly is "an enduring testament to the American Spirit."

Mormon Artist: The Mormon Artist Issue 16 is up! And the whole issue is full of interviews with artistic women, including artist Leslie Graff, writer Marilyn Bushman-Carlton, dancer Sara Webb and more. Check it out.

Zach Braff: "The ad on this cab makes being a Mormon look super fun. We Jews need cooler ads. But I don't think we have ads. We need ads.” So says actor Zach Braff, who captions this photo of the taxicab ads. Awesome.

Blog Train: All aboard the “July LDS Blog Train,” which is full of free downloadable digital scrapbook pages to use and print. Thirty designers share their digital art on the theme of "Fishers of Men." Wow! Love it!

What’s American: Chocolate chip cookies. The national parks. Music. What do these have in common? These are all symbols of America, as portrayed in this patriotic essay “What’s More American than Corn Flakes?” Click to read the rest, or add your own thoughts about what’s American to you. Happy Fourth of July!