"ROAD MAP TO HAPPINESS: How to Find the Joy You Want in Your Life and Beyond," by Jared A. Pixley, $3.99, 56 pages (nf)

After returning from the Argentina Rosario Mission where he was serving as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and investing years of personal study, Jared A. Pixley has a strong desire to share with others the “Lord’s Plan of Happiness” as outlined in his new e-book, “Road Map to Happiness: How to Find the Joy You Want in Your Life and Beyond.”

Pixley credits Elder Rafael Piño, his mission president, as the man who encouraged him to search for the answers himself rather than just giving them to him. In Pixley’s brief overview of the Lord’s plan for his children, he tackles topics such as "Happiness without a pill"; "In the beginning"; "We are not alone"; "The Spirit World"; "The Millennium"; and the "Final reward.”

The reader can feel the sincerity of Pixley’s offering, despite errors in his execution. There are numerous typos and unsubstantiated “facts” that he presents as “common knowledge.”

In an effort to cover a time period from the pre-existence to the Millennium and on to eternal life, the author shares random tidbits of insights he feels he has gleaned, followed by quotes from the scriptures — often sharing as many as 20 verses. However, no other references or footnotes are provided for his statements.

Using a conversational approach that will appeal to some readers, Pixley refers to Michael, the Archangel, as the godhead's “go-to-guy.”

Some readers may be put off by his unusual examples. There are no quotes from the prophets or general authorities, and Pixley relies heavily on his own understanding of the Lord’s plan.

Stephanie Abney is a retired teacher and freelance writer. She and her husband, Jim, live in Mesa, Ariz. They have five children and 17 grandchildren.

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