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Chad Whitlock for Desert Star
Bryan Dayley, Jeff Jensen, Mary Parker Williams, Brittney Marie Nielson star in "Goldilocks Capone and the 3 Amigos."

MURRAY — The Desert Star Playhouse has been a mainstay in the community for over 20 years, producing shows that are generally comedy parodies of other stories that helps attract audiences of all ages. The latest installment at the theater lives up to its slogan: “It’s Always Fun at Desert Star!”

“Goldilocks Capone and the 3 Amigos” is the story of infamous mob boss Al Capone’s daughter Goldilocks. Her plans are to build a criminal empire just like her father did.

The play is set in East Wendover, Utah, in the early 1960s.

While passing through the desert from Hollywood on the way to a restaurant opening in Utah, the three Amigos encounter the Del Taco family, who desperately need help to keep Capone and her gang from taking over the family ranch. Thinking that the family is asking them to put on a show — not fight the bad guys — leads to quite a few funny situations during the entire show.

As the show draws to a close, the audience finds out whether Goldilocks or the Amigos will ultimately triumph in the struggle.

At the conclusion of the play, the audience is treated to the patriotic (and hilarious) “America the Beautiful Olio.” This portion of the show is filled with patriotic songs by the cast as well as more jokes, including a Sarah Palin song/speech impression and a song sung by “presidential candidates” Jon Huntsman and Mitt Romney, which kept the audience laughing until the final song ended.

Before a packed house, the cast and crew put on a show that included both music and comedy, and was a hit for first-time visitors as well as seasoned veterans. No single member of the cast stole the show, but that was only because all on-stage actors were so impressive, displaying great chemistry and playing off of each other very well.

The audience was even included in portions of the show, which made the setting seem more intimate and is one of the reasons that the theater is so popular. The script didn’t need to include any jokes that were inappropriate for members of the audience regardless of age, which made for a perfect experience from a theater that prides itself on being family friendly.

Landon Walters is a history and political science major currently studying at Salt Lake Community College and is an avid sports fan. He can be reached at mavericksoccer_22@hotmail.com.