Cedar Fort
Book cover of "The Diva Doctrine, 16 Universal Principles Every Woman Needs to Know" by Patricia V. Davis and published by Cedar Fort.

"THE DIVA DOCTRINE: 16 Universal Principles Every Woman Needs to Know," by Patricia V. Davis, Bonneville Books, $12.99, 149 pages (nf)

Patricia V. Davis, author of “The Diva Doctrine: 16 Universal Principles Every Woman Needs to Know,” has some advice for women on becoming a true diva. This is not the type of diva you see in Hollywood holding well-dressed miniature dogs and demanding only green M&Ms in their dressing room. Davis says, "A diva, in the true sense of the word, is a woman who's clever, confident, classy, powerful, passionate and compassionate."

The Diva Doctrine” evolved from Davis' blog post "From an Older Woman to a Younger One." Full of advice meant to empower a younger generation of girls, Davis also has something to say to those who’ve already been through the wringer. Not just a guide for 20-somethings, the doctrine includes 16 additional rules for women over 50, such as, “You’re not fat because you’re old. You’re fat because you’re eating too much and not exercising enough.”

A self-proclaimed "expert in failed relationships," Davis has been around the block and dishes out witty and insightful tips on men, friendship, money, family and self-confidence. For women just starting out in the world, Davis is like the cool aunt who tells it like it is. With two failed marriages and 50 years of life lessons under her belt, she’s comfortable with her role as a horrible warning rather than a good example. But her mistakes make for good lessons like, “You should judge who your true friends are not only by the sympathy they express when something very bad happens to you, but by the genuine joy they express when something very good happens to you.”

Davis is hardly a Dr. Laura, and she has only her past experiences and pitfalls to draw from. While her instructions for becoming a diva are humorous, the book isn't necessarily a self-help book for anyone overcoming major life issues. It’s a light read, fit for any woman who has struggled with friendships (Dueling Divas), parents or men, or for anyone who wants to avoid those problems and claim "true" diva status.

Nicole Pollard currently resides in Canyon Country, Calif.