I love hearing the strains of Father’s Day songs as I’ve walked the halls these past Sundays. “I’m so glad that he’s my dad!” the Primary children musically declare. So in honor of the upcoming holiday that honors our fathers, here are some amazing dad-centered posts!

Speaking of “Father’s Day Singing Time,” I loved this sweet idea to photograph the hands of dads in the ward and then let the kids determine to whom the hands belong and sing their favorite songs. Try it this Father’s Day Sunday!

I loved this “Talk of the Week” that testifies to greatness of the fathers in this blogger’s life, as well as spotlights that incredible Mormon Messages video “A Father Indeed” from a few years back. Beautiful!

LDS.about.com is spotlighting fathers this week with a post that showcases some great general authority quotes on fathers as well as some great Father’s Day resources and craft ideas. Love it!

Speaking of Father’s Day crafts, check out this blog link list just full of awesome ideas for your dad. Make a Father’s Day print or some goodies for Grandpa, barbecue aprons and kits, or one of the many more ideas. Fun!

And what a beautiful tribute from this blogger who says, “The Best Husband Is a Good Father.” Here’s a snippet: “Thank you, honey, thank you. Do you really know what it means to me as a woman to have the father of my children committed to their well-being? Can a man appreciate the depth of devotion his wife feels toward him when he gets down on the floor to tussle with the children? Does the male brain comprehend a woman’s delight when a big man sits a little child on his lap; when he opens his wallet to pay for that new pair of new shoes; when he accompanies her to parent night or makes certain the kitchen cupboards are full? Does he appreciate the security he creates when she is able to trust his discipline? Can he know that she is his forever if forever, he will protect not only her, but the little people that are an extension of her?” Click for more lovely musings!

And I would be remiss to not once again feature the new MormonDaddyBlogs.com destination for all those LDS men blogging about their adventures as fathers. Check it out, especially as Father’s Day approaches, or even better, point your blogging dad in their direction!

Now let’s check out other proud posts from this last week in the Bloggernacle:

Power pick: I think this is my favorite response to the debates surrounding Mitt Romney’s religion. David French takes on the question “A Mormon President: Are Souls at Stake?” And answers with a resounding “No!” Or more descriptively, “Those who believe that presidents impact our immortal souls have too great a view of politics and too small a view of God.” Well said, French.

Techie tip: What simple things can you do to promote the church using social media? It’s much easier than you would think and the Well-Behaved Mormon Woman provides four great getting-started ideas. Here is a sample: “Retweet on Twitter or use the 'Share' feature on Facebook to pass along great LDS content from Mormon bloggers you enjoy reading, interesting online articles that focus on the LDS Church in positive ways or from many of the wonderful online LDS Church resources — e.g. LDS.org Prophets and Apostles Speak Today, Mormon Messages videos, LDSNewsroom Blog, Mormon Times, etc.” Awesome.

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