Family history: Delve into the “Hidden Resources on” with the help of the Mormon Life Hacker. She explains, “If you just use the site for what is available on the home page, the basic search options, you will only scratch the surface of what is available.” Click to see what she has uncovered!

Family history II: For a more personal family history experience, check out these “25 Questions for a Family History Interview” that include “14. Did you family move around a lot? Where have you lived” and “20. Did you fight in a war? What memories do you have?” Sit down with a family member or friend and discover some fascinating genealogical treasures!

Google doodle: Did you see the Google Doodle honoring guitarist/inventor Les Paul? I strummed a few notes, but was delighted to see this blogger’s clever rendition of “Come, Come ye Saints Using Les Paul Doodle” and also the updated “We Thank Thee O God for a Prophet.” Enjoy!

Gospel library: Hooray! There are even more “Updates to the LDS Gospel Library,” including apps for Android users, iPhone and iPad users, and Windows 7 mobile users. Click to see them!

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