“Oh, what do you do in the summertime, when all the world is green?” goes the sweet Primary refrain that unfortunately can turn quickly into a bored “What can I do today?” if you have kids home for summer break. Well both questions can be answered with creative, fun ideas.

And the Bloggernacle is just full of creative summer-fun ideas.

100+ things to do with your kids this summer” jumps right in with a huge list from which to pick and choose. How about No. 66: Have a summer Olympics. Maybe you'd like No. 28: Make a treasure hunt. You could even try No. 87: Go to the temple. And there are 100-plus more creative to-dos! You could even print out this list, stick it to the refrigerator, and when your kids get bored, have them find something on the list. Wow!

Or how about having your kids start some “Summer Journals.” Here’s how this blogger does it: “Every day or so, I ask my children to draw on a topic, usually something they've been talking about a lot. Then I label it and date it on the back. Here are our first entries. I asked the kids to 'draw about' what they think their school classes will be like next year.” Click to see more of her writing prompts. And as a bonus you’ll get a journal full of fun memories to cherish!

Check out the comments that are chock-full of advice at these Segullah posts about how “It’s Coming” and “This summer is going to be great, if it’s the last thing I do.”

For example, check out this gem: “One thing that bugs me about summer is tattling though so I made a rule that if the tattle does not involve blood or something dangerous or seriously destructive to property then the tattler has to partake of the punishment. It works great! I just tell my kids that I will find out the naughtiness of their siblings on my own, thank you very much! I do not want to hear if they haven’t made their bed or if they are picking their nose or whatever from someone else. Once we get that settled, the summer seems to go alright.” What a great idea!

And finally, are you planning on taking your family to see LDS Church historic sites? Even if you can’t physically visit every site, you can virtually travel via your computer with help from the “Summer Travel Series” courtesy of the LDS Newsroom. Take your kids to Joseph Smith’s birthplace or virtually enjoy the flowers at Temple Square. Fun!

Now let’s check out other sizzlin’ posts from this last week in the Bloggernacle:

Power pick: With the exciting announcement of the first Russian Stake organized on Sunday, June 5, I found this “List of Countries with LDS Stakes and Date of First LDS Stake Creation” most timely and handy. See when the first and second stakes were organized in each country as well as the number of current stakes and districts. I bet you can guess which country has the most, but what about the second most? And which four countries just had first stakes organized? Fascinating info!

Techie tip: Looking to brighten up your computer background to coincide with the start of summer? Then click in to download this “Free June 2011 Computer Desktop Calendar” background from LeeLou Blogs. You can even download a photo-customizable one! Cute!

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