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Shadow Mountain
"The Forgotten Locket" is the final book in the Hourglass Door trilogy by Lisa Mangum and will be released June 9.

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“THE FORGOTTEN LOCKET,” by Lisa Mangum, Shadow Mountain, $18.99, 365 pages (young adult)

Promises can be difficult to keep when time flows in a relatively straight line. But when the past is altered and memories are blocked, it gets even trickier.

And some promises do take longer to fulfill than others as Abby finds out in “The Forgotten Locket,” the final installment of the Hourglass Door series by Lisa Mangum.

It picks up right where “The Golden Spiral,” the second installment, left off as Abby, once an ordinary teenager, heads through the newly built time machine door to find a way to restore the river of time that Zo has altered and plans to destroy. The time altering in “The Golden Spiral” time has left Abby’s life unfamiliar and heartbreaking.

In “The Forgotten Locket,” Abby ends up back in 16th century Italy with a much younger Orlando and eventually with the present-day, but injured Dante as they try to thwart Zo. The past and future intersect in complicated loops and all of the events from the past — even little ones — must occur to keep the future as they know it intact.

It’s a fast-paced novel where relationships are strengthened and tested. It expands and intensifies the fantasy elements from the two previous books as some of the battles for the future are mental as much as they are physical and the line defining reality blurs.

Mangum weaves an intriguing and entertaining story that draws in the reader and wraps up the trilogy in sometimes-unexpected yet compelling ways as secrets are revealed.

It’s not a stand-alone book, so reading or reviewing the first two wouldn’t be a bad idea before “The Forgotten Locket” is released on Thursday, June 9.

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