eReader manuals: “Be ready for an avalanche of publications in ePub format for use on e-reader devices,” says Larry Richman of LDS Media Talk. And what’s cool is not only can you “reach the index of publications in ePub format from the menu on by choosing Manuals and then clicking the link in the right column," or "go directly to,” but you can also use free software online for converting these publications from ePub to Kindle versions. Wow! Check it out for more information.

Perpetual Education: “Today is the first day of the future for worthy and ambitious young church members (ages 16-30) in Guyana. On this day, the 'new and improved' Perpetual Education Fund application goes online for those who meet the criteria for financial help to further their education.” So declares this missionary couple in Guyana who laud this wonderful program and hope to see it soon expand in that country. Read to find out more about the “First Day of Guyana’s Future.”

Visiting teaching: Get a jump-start on your visiting teaching with this darling (and free) “June Printable” that pulls from the theme of self-reliance with the famous thought, “Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without.” Cute!

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