ShayCarl sensation: Forbes blog features Mormon comedian and YouTube senstaion Shay Butler in "ShayCarl's Epic Journey to YouTube Stardom." He proudly talks about his church membership and his courtship with his wife. In fact, here's a snippet of the interview: "I was about to turn 29, and I thought this is going to be the last year of my 20s, I want to do something monumental. I started hatching this idea of doing a video vlog every day of my 29th year. By this time I had worked up enough viewers that I was making almost 2K a month. What once helped pay for groceries and utility bills had now turned into our main source of income. ... My wife believed in me and never complained about buying second-hand furniture and clipping coupons just so that we could get by. Once we started the daily vlogs, our viewers and pay immediately tripled. It was amazing!!! I was now making more money than I had ever made doing something that I actually LOVED doing." Click in to read more.

Joplin devesation: One of the Modern Mormon Men blogs about traveling through the country and stopping in Joplin, Missouri: “We had heard the horrible news that tornados had wreaked havoc in Joplin, Missouri. Because my mother-in-law is from Joplin, Missouri, we decided to visit Joplin and ‘mourn with those who mourn.’ It was overwhelming to the senses. The whole town was not destroyed. A six-mile swath of it was, however. It's eerie to drive along and see homes, stores and schools that look like any other Midwestern town and then suddenly you enter a scene from a WWII movie.” Click to read his entire enthralling account as well as the spiritual lesson he learned.

Donny Osmond: Enjoy an impromptu musical jam session of “Donny Osmond w/Fictionist” in this quirky but delightful little video. Cool!

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