Sexually pure: How can you explain sexual purity to the youth concisely and spiritually? Use a video that mimics the “… in plain English” videos that are so fun and fascinating to watch. So check out this clever, yet important, video that teaches about “Chastity: What are the Limits,” the newest Mormon Messages for Youth video, and pass it on to the youth in your life!

Contest winner: Honesty, You Better Believe It” is the official winner of the International Video Contest sponsored by the Mormon Messages videos. Click to watch this beautiful video that teaches such an important lesson about honesty taken from a message by President James E. Faust. Enjoy!

Military family: What is it like to be a military family? The blog Pearls for Latter-day Saint Women finds out in this fascinating interview with “Christy Tilton, a Military Wife.” Here’s a glimpse: “Pearls: How do you feel that the church is supporting you and your husband in your service to our country? Christy Tilton: Being so near base helps because most of the ward is military families. They have experience and are willing to help. Also, having the gospel in our lives gives us strength to push past the hardships of being military. Overall, I am extremely proud to be married to the man I am and for his desire to serve his country the way he does. I am also proud to be his wife. A lot of people in town thank the active-duty members, but there are also quite a few who know of the sacrifice that spouses make as well and express their gratitude to us spouses as well.” Check out the entire interview in honor of Memorial Day.

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Memorial Day: “I am even more pained at the senseless destruction and chaos caused by politicians who push us into wars for purposes other than defending our borders and our people. May we understand the lessons of the Book of Mormon on defense. May we have leaders with the wisdom of Captain Moroni who share his humanity and desire to avoid unnecessary shedding of blood, and may we honor those who have served honorably and those who have fallen, regardless of the wisdom of our leaders.” I had to pull this beautiful tribute from last year in honor of Memorial Day as it still very much fits this year. Click in for more!

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