Although former governors Jon Huntsman Jr. and Mitt Romney have yet to officially announce their intentions, I'm pretty sure they are running for president. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it's a duck. Both men have been walking and talking like candidates for a little while now.

In any case, what does it mean for members of the LDS Church? Well, because both Huntsman and Romney are members, it will most likely mean the church will be in the spotlight once again. Whether or not you support their candidacies, we need to be prepared and embrace this opportunity to talk about our faith.

We need to be assertive in making sure that the world is receiving accurate information about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We shouldn't shy away from opportunities to correct untruths on a local or national level. We shouldn't let others who know nothing about our faith be the voice for us. Whether we like it or not or regardless of whether we are comfortable or not, this is a part of our duty as members of the church.

Prayer and scripture study are ways to prepare for these opportunities. Try to stay as close to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ as possible. They will lead us to those who are curious to know more and guide us in what to say. 

Keep some pass-along cards, church pamphlets and other materials in a convenient place. Have these resources on hand so that when someone wants to know more, we have a ready reference. We don't want interest to wane because they have to wait. Be sure to access the electronic media that the church has available, too.

Finally, let people see Christ through us. As members of varying degrees, one thing that I hope we all try to remain constant in is centering our hearts and minds on Christ so that through us the world will see our good works and glorify God the Father and his son, Jesus Christ.

We aren't perfect. We are at different levels of understanding, but try to focus less on our weaknesses and focus more on our strengths to help move forward the Lord's work.

Time will tell how long or how far these two candidates will last in the race, but as members of the church, let us accept this opportunity to stand as witnesses of Christ.

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