The testimony of Elder Jeffrey R. Holland of the Quorum of the Twelve along with an explanation of the Book of Mormon and its witness of Jesus Christ as the Savior of the world is included in the most recent Mormon Messages video called "The Book of Mormon: An Introduction," which was posted May 18.

Reaction to the video abounded in several mediums, including YouTube, Facebook and the Mormon Channel.

"In a world as nuts as they one we live in, it's nice to know that such books exist and that God loves us enough to let us have it," said milojthatch from YouTube before mentioning the same promise that Moroni, the book's final contributor, provided at the end.

"(God) isn't going to let us live down here without a guide as he wants us to make it back to live with him. If you read this book, you can learn how. If you pray about it, you'll know that it is true."

Such a conviction was something that a prospective missionary, known as makkon06 on YouTube, said was crucial for him to obtain if he was going to serve far from home for two years in teaching others about the teachings found in the book.

"Even though I was born in the church, I still had to find my answer," he said. "I just couldn't live on borrowed light anymore. When I knelt down and prayed that night on my bed all I wanted was to know if it was true and if what I was about to do as a missionary was right.

"I know now for myself that it is the word of God. I'm not repeating any other man's words. I know for myself, and because it's true, everything that it testifies of is the pure and simple truth."

The message in the video was a particular refresher for Kevin Milo Taylor, a carpenter apprentice from Salt Lake City.

"I needed this today after the day at work that I had," Taylor said from Facebook. "Uggh, some people just don't see reason, and lack the faith to see something from a different perspective."

Others not yet a part of the LDS Church said that they were impacted by the book's message as explained in the video.

"I really believe," commented Aldi Lopes, a business development coordinator from Sao Paulo, Brazil, on Facebook. "I can see my life changing completely after I read that book."

For Johnmark Samson Santiago of the Philippines, the video came at just the right time — correlating with the anniversary of the time the church entered his native country a half century ago.

"Let's share the gospel to the world, the prophet said that every member is a missionary," he said from Facebook. "I'm very happy that we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the church here. I'm very grateful with it."

For anneje71, who commented on the video on YouTube, the Book of Mormon provides peace and solutions she couldn't find previously as a member of another religion.

"I always had questions as a child that no minister could answer," she said. "When I read the Book of Mormon I knew that I had found my answers. I have read and reread it and discover something that touches my heart and answers my questions every time. Our Savior expects us to knock so that he can open things unto us."


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