No rapture last weekend, but bloggers used the hoopla to discuss enjoying life and not being judgmental. Plus one Facebooker posts shocking photos of the destroyed Joplin, Mo., stake center.

You could say that many in the Bloggernacle, to quote, were “Enraptured by the Rapture” this past week. There was the to-be-expected good-natured joking (see this LDS musician’s smile-inducing video parody “May 22 Song (For Harold Camping, with apologies to Norah Jones”). But what surprised me were the philosophical musings that became downright thought-provoking. Here’s a sampling of the world-ending posts:

Let’s begin with some beautiful thoughts on “Uncertain Raptures” on how the end of this world, for most, comes through death: “We cry because death is a painful way to separate and because life is hard enough with those we love still at our side. I suspect that bereavement and the specter of death are good for us somehow; I really do. But they are not pleasant by any stretch of the imagination. I understand why people would hope for the freedom from death that the Rapture promises even as I suspect that it is an ultimately childish hope. The fears that Rapture sublimates remind me, ultimately, of the fragile majesty of human life. On today’s date of misguided hope and fear, I feel to remember that I will not always be able to touch my hand to my wife’s cheek and watch her smile, will not always have my youngest pulling on my thumbs as she twirls about the living room.” Just wow.

And I just loved this blogger’s deal with one of those awaiting the end: “While walking through Boston Commons yesterday, I ran into a parade of May 21st believers. I tried to make a deal with one of them: I'll read your brochure on why this Saturday is the day of judgment if you will take this pass-along card and call the number on it on Sunday, if Sunday happens. He wouldn't accept the offer.” Check out his further musings on “May 21 Judgment Day or Just Another Day of Judgment?

And check out his blogger’s declaration that “I Know When Judgment Day Is.” That’s pretty definitive, but when you start reading you’ll understand his deeper point: “To me, it looks like the lesson has been that we are always to view such an End Game as being ever imminent, and to live as if the events were — as all scriptures and prophets ancient and modern present it — ‘at the door.’” Click in for more.

Now let me post about other fascinating posts from this last week in the Bloggernacle:

Power pick: Another deadly tornado struck the Midwest on Sunday, and this LDS blogger chronicles how her husband mobilized to help in the hospital in Joplin, Mo. And if you login into your Facebook account, then click on this link, you’ll see some startling photos of how the “Joplin Stake Center Is Gone.” So sad. Although reports are that miraculously no one inside was killed. Wow.

MHA conference: I’m delighted to be heading down to St. George, Utah, this weekend to cover the Mormon History Association Annual Conference 2011. Ardis E. Parshall of Keepapitchinin says she will be there, and the Juvenile Instructor blog will also have representation; see what they plan to fascinatingly discuss! Or better yet, come to St. George to attend!

Techie tip: One thousand posts. That’s incredible. I just had to spotlight this recent milestone: “LDSMediaTalk’s 1000th article.” Wow. If you break it down, in the past almost five years of this blog, that’s around 200 posts a year. Congratulations. Thanks for all the good LDS media info, and here’s to thousands of more great posts!

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