"HONEYMOON HEIST," by Anna Jones Buttimore, Bonneville Books, $15.99, 233 pages (f)

Rodney and Claire Hewlett began their marriage just like any normal Mormon couple; however, while on their honeymoon, the couple is chased by a gang of dangerous criminals and their blundering accomplice.

In Anna Jones Buttimore’s story, "Honeymoon Heist," young newlyweds head off on their romantic holiday, and a baggage mix up at the airport is only the beginning of their ill-fated getaway. Not only is the luggage not theirs, but it’s stuffed with cash and the young couple finds themselves on the run from a suit-clad gang, a desperate fall guy and dirty police. No one can be trusted, except of course, the missionaries.

Claire Hewlett, who was only recently divorced before meeting her now eternal companion, envisioned herself relaxing poolside on her honeymoon. Rodney Hewlett couldn’t be more different, anticipating a more adventurous trip filled with tourist attractions. But both their plans are sidetracked when their only goal becomes to escape the group of thugs chasing after them. Through quick getaways, close calls and wild chases, the couple works through their insecurities and differences with each narrow escape.

Though most of the characters are supporting players and one-dimensional, the reader will enjoy seeing Claire and Rodney’s relationship develop and mature throughout the story. Having to overcome more than just bickering, the Hewlett’s have to work together to get to safety, learning about each other on the way.

Rodney is loved by his new wife, though she struggles with his meticulous and predictable nature. It's a relationship where opposites attract because Claire is less structured and free-spirited. When one starts to wonder how in the world this pair ever got together, their back-stories unfold letting the reader become even more invested in the story and in the characters themselves. As the story behind Claire's previous marriage and Rodney's broken engagement are revealed, it becomes easier to buy into the obviously fictional plot that resembles a Bruce Willis flick.

Though the story is a bit unbelievable at times, and the "bad guys" aren't really explored or explained in detail, "Honeymoon Heist" resembles a fast-paced adventure movie with bits of humor. While reading, it's easy to envision this book on the big screen.

Nicole Pollard currently resides in Canyon Country, Calif.

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