1. Real Salt Lake (5-1-1, 16 points) Prvs 2: Salt Lake had scoring opportunities even without playmaker Javier Morales, but Real couldn't capitalize. Salt Lake is going through a major scoring drought and will face on of its strongest challenges of the season while visiting surging FC Dallas. Next up: Dallas, Sunday.

2. Los Angeles Galaxy (5-2-5, 20 points) Prvs 3: The Galaxy beat the worst team in the league by a significant margin. Both Landon Donovan and David Beckham looked great. However, such an easy victory proved nothing about whether Los Angeles can play well consistently. Next up: Chivas, Saturday.

3. FC Dallas (5-3-2, 17 points) Prvs 7: Dallas is on a hot streak right now and is about to face RSL at the perfect time. Dallas is unbeaten in five games, the longest in MLS. Next up: Salt Lake, Sunday.

4. New York Red Bulls (4-2-3, 15 points) Prvs 1: New York's defensive line sprung a leak against Chivas' Justin Braun. Before Sunday's game the Bulls had given up three goals all season. Braun alone matched that number. Was Sunday's performance an anomaly or a trend of things to come? Next up: Houston, Saturday.

5. Portland Timbers (4-3-2, 14 points) Prvs 6: Portland had already proved it can play well against any club in MLS so a tie against Seattle didn't show anything new. If anything the game showed Portland still can't quite figure itself out on the road. Next up: Columbus, Saturday.

5. Seattle Sounders (3-3-5, 14 points) Prvs 9: A 1-1 tie against rival Portland also results in a tie in the standings and rankings. Seattle fans showed what true fans are made of by going to and staying for the entire, thrilling match despite a downpour. Next up: Kansas City, Saturday.

7. Colorado Rapids (4-3-2, 15 points) Prvs 8: A 1-1 tie on the road against DC United wasn't the perfect result, but for a team that is struggling to keep players on the field it was better than nothing. Omar Cummings joined Caleb Folan and Brian Mullen off the pitch, but Rapids fans were excited to see Conor Casey back on the field. He came on as a sub in the second half. Next up: Toronto, Sunday.

8. Philadelphia Union (4-3-2, 14 points) Prvs 4: Finally a Union game where a team scored more than two goals. Unfortunately for Philadelphia that team was Dallas and the Union were left scoreless. Philadelphia is at the bottom of the league in goals scored with only six in nine games played. Next up: Chicago, Saturday.

9. Houston Dynamo (3-3-4, 13 points) Prvs 10: Against any other team in MLS Houston's front line would have scored at least once, but against the best defensive team in the league in Real Salt Lake the Dynamo came up with nothing. After two successive losses last week Houston was happy to walk out of Rio Tinto with a point. Next up: New York, Saturday.

10. Columbus Crew (3-2-4, 13 points) Prvs 5: Columbus had the biggest setback of the year with an ugly 3-0 loss to San Jose. Every aspect of the game was off for the Crew. The biggest factor was the lack of possession in the offensive third making the game very difficult for the defense. Next up: Portland, Saturday.

11. Chivas USA (3-3-3, 12 points) Prvs 15: Chivas earned a surprise victory on the road against New York. The Goats quickly found a replacement for suspended Marcos Mondaini, who took down RSL's Javier Morales last week, in Salt Lake City native Justin Braun. Braun achieved a hat-trick for Chivas with his first three goals of the season. Next up: Los Angeles, Saturday.

12. New England Revolution (3-3-4, 13 points) Prvs 11: The Rev's achieved a ho-hum victory against lowly Vancouver, but in this league all points are equal and New England is happy to take three to stay relevant in the Eastern Conference. Next up: San Jose, Saturday.

13. D.C. United (3-4-3, 12 points) Prvs 13: United was out for revenge playing against Colorado for the second time this season, however a 1-1 tie against the defending champs with the equalizing goal coming off a penalty kick wasn't the ideal result. Next up: Bye.

14. San Jose (2-4-3, 9 points) Prvs 17: Last week's bye seemed to work magic for San Jose. A road tie against Vancouver and a home win against Columbus were greatly needed for a side that had been struggling for the past month. The Quakes especially looked in full form against Columbus winning 3-0. Next up: New England, Saturday.

15. Chicago Fire (1-3-5, 8 points) Prvs 14: Four straight ties is not the ideal for the Fire, but the fight to get back into the game after going down 2-0 was admirable. Next up: Philadelphia, Saturday.

16. Toronto FC (2-4-5, 11 points) Prvs 12: Toronto completely melted down after obtaining a 2-0 lead at home. Was it Toronto's overconfidence and defensive ineptitude or Chicago's play that resulted in a 2-2 tie? Most likely it was Toronto defensive ineptitude. Next up: Colorado, Sunday.

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17. Vancouver Whitecaps FC (1-5-5, 8 points) Prvs 18: Vancouver is struggling to clear the ball effectively. Before the Earthquakes' only goal Vancouver failed to get the ball into the middle third of the field five times. Next up: Bye.

18. Sporting Kansas City (1-5-1, 4 points) Prvs 16: Sporting doesn't really deserve to be at the bottom of the rankings having played every game on the road thus far, but Kansas City hasn't earned a point since April 2 in tying Vancouver and haven't won since March 26 against Chicago. Next up: Seattle, Saturday.