God’s children: Remember who you are with this beautiful new Mormon Messages video “I Am a Child of God” that takes the beloved hymn and transforms it into a gorgeous video testimony. I love how all the different people share in the singing. Incredible.

Chose mission: “In the first talk given during the Priesthood session of this past general conference, Elder Neil L. Andersen told the story of New Zealand rugby player Sid Going, who, in 1962, was poised to become a major Rugby star. But Going instead chose to serve an LDS mission and became a star anyway when he returned two years later. Now, less than six weeks after conference, Australian LDS Church member Will Hopoate has chosen to follow Going’s example, forgoing interest from six teams and at least one offer worth USD $1.6 million.” Wow. How’s that for following the counsel of general conference? Click to learn more about this rugby phenom and the classy way his team, the Sea Eagles, reacted.

Family history: Wow! Ancestry.com just released a blog post “Announcing - New Web Search” that prompts users to find new genealogical threads using the power of the Internet. How? The new feature "searches select websites and brings back any matching results we find, along with a link to the site to enable you to go straight to the original record. Where relevant, we will include these results into your main search results." Cool! Click to read all about this awesome new feature.

Institute videos: Can I just say I love the democratization of the Internet and how people step up to the plate to make fun videos? Check out these “User Generate Institute Videos,” one about a “Frenchman” named Franc who has to be completely obedient and one a parody of a scene from "The Princess Bride." Both serve to promote the goodness that is Institute. Enjoy.

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