"THE ROGUE SHOP," by Michael Knudsen, Cedar Fort, $17.99, 288 pages (f)

Michael Knudsen tells the story of Chris Allen Kerry leaving Texas and his Baptist upbringing, leading him to the truth about his parents’ religious conversion before their deaths and, ultimately, his true faith.

Chris was raised by his Aunt Jean, a devout Baptist in San Antonio, Texas. His parents died in a car accident when he was 3. During his teen years, Chris falls in with bad company, resulting in alcohol abuse and a car accident. After the accident, Chris sobers up and concentrates on his high school studies, earning a full scholarship to the University of Utah in Salt Lake City.

In a recurring dream, Chris sees his 3-year-old self being sealed to his parents along with thousands of white insects fluttering upward. Chris feels his parents’ love in this dream.

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In Salt Lake City, he is surrounded by Mormons in his apartment building, at work and at school. His neighbors, Kelly Turner and Angie Melbourne, invite him often for meals and to share gospel teachings with him. One day Angie takes Chris to Temple Square and reveals her feelings for him and her desire for marriage to someone of the same faith.

Knudsen has interwoven a love story with a story of conversion. He shows how Chris learns about the gospel from many different people including Angie, Kelly and his co-workers. Knudsen also aptly describes Chris’ struggle to accept the gospel as he discovers his parents were members of the LDS Church and his hesitation toward being baptized.

Karin Sturgill has an associate degree in science from Gainesville State College. She is a homemaker and caretaker to three grandchildren.

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