The Utah Festival of Books will be at BYU on June 4 and at the University of Utah on Sept. 10.

PROVO — The deadline for the Utah Festival of Books essay contest is May 16.

Essays are to address the theme "Books that have Changed My Life" and are be submitted to the Brigham Young University Bookstore's general books department.

The Utah Festival of Books kick-off event is June 4 on BYU's Brigham Square, next to the Wilkinson Student Center.

A follow-up event is scheduled Sept. 10 at the University of Utah campus. Elementary school students are invited to sign up for the Read Today program in June and report their progress in September.

On June 4, several authors, including James Dashner, Ally Condie, Kiersten White and Brandon Mull, will be there. In addition to the essay contest, there will be an altered book competition, where books are creatively recycled into works of art, from rebinding to painting to drawing to adorning them. Those submissions are due June 1. For more on altered books, see the International Society of Altered Books Artists website at

Both contests are open to participants of all ages. See for information about the festival, including a schedule of events, contest information and to volunteer.