Apparently, Marie Osmond’s first husband never got over her.

“He got all the kids around, got on his knee and said he always loved me,” Osmond said in an ABC TV report. “You know he never remarried. I’m just a tough habit to break.”

Osmond, 51, remarried her first husband, Stephen Craig, 54, last week in the Las Vegas Nevada Temple. Many media outlets reported similar details regarding the special day. Osmond also wore the same white wedding dress she wore for their original marriage in 1982, as shown in these photos on People magazine's website.

Osmond and Craig had one son, Stephen, before they divorced after three years. Osmond cited “mental cruelty” in the legal documentation, according to TMZ.

Osmond was married to her second husband, music producer Brian Blosil, from 1986 to 2007. Osmond and Blosil had two biological children and adopted five others.

Despite the divorce, Osmond and Craig remained friendly in the decades following the separation. Craig, a former BYU basketball player, helped Osmond cope with the suicide of her son, Michael Blosil, in 2010, according to this article.

A video, video, spotlights Osmond and Craig when they were young parents.

An ABC report talks about the secrecy surrounding the wedding. Osmond didn’t notify family until three days before the wedding. Her famous sibling Donny was able to make it.

Donny Osmond described the wedding ceremony as a “special moment.” The two witnesses in the Las Vegas Nevada Temple sealing room were Craig’s brother and Stephen, their son. Donny Osmond said the family was happy to see the two get back together.

“I think Steve has always been there in Marie’s life because of Stephen (their son). And I have always gotten along well with him,” Donny Osmond told ABC. “And over time, almost 30 years, they decided you know, ‘We still love each other and it’s time to get back together again.’ It just felt right.”


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