If you do not have a husband or if you are not amused with yours, you can always turn to your “Husband” at the Chocolate, a dessert cafe. Never mind the fact that he is in cake form, he is probably dreamier, creamier and tastier than anything you have ever experienced.

The “Husband” contains luscious yellow cake layers separated by milk chocolate ganache, topped with chocolatey goodness and dressed only with a large scoop of vanilla bean ice cream. For those who are not big cake fans, give this one a try because it may just change your world. It is that good.

Cupcake shops have been popping up all over the valley, but the Chocolate sets itself apart by taking the cupcake trend up a notch with a touch of charm. Although nestled along busy State Street, the cafe is in a small, quaint home, giving customers the impression they are being served family recipes in a cozy setting.

On top of being cozy, it has a trendy feel as well. The walls have been repainted simply, but have an uptown feel with fashion-forward chairs, couches and mirrors. The home also contains several rooms, giving groups privacy and allowing customers to feel more comfortable laughing and being themselves.

The Chocolate dessert cafe almost has it all. Cakes, cupcakes, brownies, cookies and ice cream — one can’t ask for too much more. The cake is moist, the ice cream is delicious, the home is comfy. The cafe seems to be often out of customer favorites.

The cafe website addressed this concern. “Two factors place limitations on our production,” said the site. “First, we chose a quaint house rich with ambiance and character because we decided the dining experience mattered as much as our product. But this also meant a compromise on kitchen space. Second, the nature of scratch baking and fresh ingredients means everything takes more time. So we make as much as possible, but when we're out, we're out."

For more information on the Chocolate cafe go to www.thechocolatedc.com.

Natalie Barrett is a Provo resident, a self-proclaimed foodie and studying journalism.