MILFORD — First Wind, a U.S.-based wind energy company, announced Monday that the construction of the 102-megawatt Milford Wind Corridor Phase II — Milford II — project has been completed and commercial operations have begun.

The project is located north of the 204 MW Milford I project. Together, the projects, sited in Millard and Beaver counties, are the two largest wind energy developments in Utah.

At 306 MW, the combined output of Milford I and II has the capacity to generate enough energy to power up to 64,000 homes.

Under a power purchase agreement with Southern California Public Power Authority, power generated by Milford II is being supplied to the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power as well as Glendale Water and Power in California.

The projects were developed by First Wind, an independent wind energy company based in Boston. First Wind also has wind projects in the Northeast, the West and in Hawaii.