Video winners: The “Winners of the International Video Contest” have been announced. Click to watch their inspired creations and enjoy 12 new Mormon Message videos created by people from around world. And don't worry if you didn't win (or enter). You'll get another chance next year. Hat-tip to Larry Richman.

Enjoying motherhood: “I smile at the baby — he’s babbling amid the evening bustle and grateful to be awake. I smile at him again. I kiss his cheeks. I help with a math problem, a spelling word definition. I ignore the kitchen mess, the floor that reveals so much about us (what we eat, how we are messy), the counter buried under the strata of the day. Newspapers, art projects, school assignments, the mail, ketchupy napkins.” This is just a delightful snippet of a beautiful essay about how, despite the craziness, “It was good.” Enjoy!

Mother’s heart: This blogger has compiled a list of ideas for helping daughters in “Growing a Mother’s Heart.” For example, “Be as positive as we can in our comments regarding marriage and child-raising. Be realistic in that it is difficult, but don't be negative.” And, “Befriend young women. Show interest in their lives. They will come to know you and see you, as a mother, are still a wonderful, talented, fun, smart woman — all your individuality didn't get thrown out when the babies came.” And even, “Give girls fun and amazing growing experiences in their lives, but make sure they know fun or amazing is not what life is all about. We have responsibilities, too.” And many more. Click in!

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Football players: Three Mormons were “Called to Play” in the NFL draft this past weekend, joining the approximately 30 other Mormons who play in the National Football League. Click to learn more about them, and here’s hoping that they enjoy successful careers.

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